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Monday, February 27, 2006
  post-Souness Life...
Well it's been roughly 4 weeks since Souness got the axe... and what a difference a month makes... At the end of January, things were looking very grim... In the time since then:

-> We're unbeaten!
-> We've advanced to the Quarter Finals of the FA Cup
-> Shearer's scored his 201st goal
-> Dyer has made a comeback (and gone away again)
-> Owen is 1 month closer to returning, talk of him perhaps making the FA Cup quarter finals...

We're not only 6 points out of 6th place, and seriously looking like we could mount a challenge for a UEFA Cup spot... With Man United winning the League Cup over the weekend, and they most likely finishing in 2nd place, not sure what that does, if that opens another UEFA Cup spot to the league or not...

This weekend's match against Bolton is key, it really is a 6 pointer, if we can win that match, then sets us up very nicely, because the next 2 fixtures after that are away to Man United and home v Liverpool, so even an optimist wouldn't go into those 2 matches realistically expecting much... Although I'd love to at least grab a point...

After those two we then go on a decent looking run of fixtures:

Charlton away
Tottenham home
Middlesboro away
Wigan home
Sunderland away
West Brom home
Birmingham home

and the season wraps up at home versus Chelsea...

I think the key to our season rests in the next 3 matches... If we can get at least 4 points from those fixtures, then I think we have a really decent chance of getting amoungst the teams in 5-8th spot and making a go of it...
  Team Comparison -
Team Comparison -

This is a really cool soccer stats site, some cool features like this Team v Team comparison, would be good for doing betting, gives you both current form and versus data...
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  Football365 - Premiership Run-In
Football365 - Football Statistics, Fixtures and Results
I love this web site, and particularly this page, it provides information on the run-in, the last x # of matches in the season in the EPL... What can it tell us already? Well with most teams having 12-13 games left to play Chelsea are already safe from Relegation, and West Brom, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Sunderland can't catch Chelsea, so they won't be winning the title this year! :) The page also projects the final point totals, based on Season Form and Recent Form, neato!
  MAPILab - Company News: World Cup 2006 in Germany´┐Ż - Calendar for Microsoft Outlook.
Check this out - Very Handy! You can download this file and import it into Outlook to add all of this summer's fixtures to your calendar, wouldn't want to miss a match!

MAPILab - Company News: World Cup 2006 in Germany´┐Ż - Calendar for Microsoft Outlook.
Sunday, February 19, 2006
  BBC SPORT | Football | FA Cup | Virtual Replay
Check out Dyer's goal v Southampton in VIRTUAL REALITY!
BBC SPORT Football FA Cup Virtual Replay
Saturday, February 18, 2006
  Bell Expressvu Vu! PPV is Sh*te!
I had an amazingly planned day turn somewhat sour thanks to Bell ExpressVu! Pay-Per-View... I headed to the Mad Hatter, brought along my two eldest boys to watch some FA Cup action today, we enjoyed the first match, Liverpool v Man United, Liverpool winning 1-0, then headed back to my buddy's place, and came back for the Newcastle v Southampton match, we arrived at the pub at about 12:20pm, the feed was supposed to come on around 12:30pm, kick-off at 12:40pm, but all we got was previews for movies... The bar owner was on the phone with ExpressVu, we were all waiting (and drinking) anxiously... Finally the word came - they weren't getting the feed... F*CKERS! So we settled up and flew back to Joe's place to watch the match using PPLive, which worked GREAT, we even had English Commentary... I just think it's really crappy that Bell couldn't have gotten that right, they had the Man United match on, I'm sure the Chelsea match tomorrow will go off without a hitch, but they couldn't be bothered so solve the problem with the Newcastle match, so I (along with I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of other supporters) end up missing the first half (at least!), the b*stards! Anyhow, Newcastle won 1-0, thanks to a Kieron Dyer strike, which he celebrated so strenuously that he got booked! Ah well, onto the next round!!!
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
  Real leapfrog United to break money mould - Sport - Times Online
Real leapfrog United to break money mould - Sport - Times Online

Yeah, Newcastle *ARE* a big team, they *ARE*, see Deloitte says so! We're the 12th Richest team in the world... Come on O'Neill!!!
  FA Cup weekend

Some very, very tasty matches this weekend... Planning on hitting THE MAD HATTER to watch...

7:30am - Liverpool v Man United... Come on Liverpool, knock out the scum!

10:00am - Bolton v West Ham

12:30pm - Newcastle v Southampton... Come on Newcastle!
Saturday, February 04, 2006
  Shearer: 201 Goals for Newcastle


Shearer became Newcastles all-time leading goal scorer today... LEGEND!

Update, here's a video clip...

Thursday, February 02, 2006
  Sou long, farewell...
Sky Sports - Magpies axe falls on Souness

The investment and subsequent results speak for themselves... Goodbye Souness... I think over the past 18 months, my opinion of Souness has changed, I absolutely hated this guy before he took over and while I don't think much of him as a manager, I think he's been honest and hardworking, but I think the size of the tasks was beyond him... He's sorted out the dressing room, got rid of some problem characters like Bellamy and Robert, brough us Michael Owen, Emre, Parker and brought back Nobby, so it's not all bad... Adios amigo!

Who will replace him, hopefully someone with some quality proven experience, but the most important thing now is to pick up a few wins as we're dangerously close to the relegation zone at the moment... Only 6 points ahead of Birmingham, but at the same time, just 11 points back of Arsenal, so it's pretty tightly packed in midtable... But I'd rather be looking down at 10th place than up...
Today's performance versus Man City was very depressing... Are there good days around the corner? Perhaps our players need a bit of confidence, a bit of luck, a bit more time to gel? I dunno... So far Luque has looked like a waste of space, yet check out this compilation of his time at Depor? Go figure....

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