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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
  WC Canadian TV Schedule

Check out this joint Sportsnet/TSN website. Since they are both hosting this event. It even includes the entire TV schedule!

England’s first match is live on Sportsnet at 8:30am, and then replayed on TSN at 7:00pm. This seems to happen a bit, but it does work in the reverse as well. The final is actually live on CTV, rather then either of the sports channels. They both do have encore presentations though.

Friday, May 19, 2006
  Sky Sports - The Best Sport Coverage From Around The World
Sky Sports - The Best Sport Coverage From Around The World

Excellent... Both Gudjohnsen and Glen Johnson are mentioned in this article... these are players that I'd like to see come to Newcastle... and unlike a lot of rumor, this article has quotes from Mourinho himself!
Thursday, May 18, 2006
  Dr Gloom's Season Review
Check this out - Always an entertaining site, Dr. Gloom provides his season review, an interesting read for Newcastle Supporters...

Dr Gloom - Latest Prediction

I have to agree with many of his comments, but here's my own take on the questiosn:

How has the season turned out compared to what you expected?

I'm not nearly as Gloomy as Dr. Gloom, so I had predicted a 6th place finish, so seeing as we finished 7th overall I'm satisfied, and of course I'm delighted given our sitation when Souness was sacked.

What has been the main highlight?

Definitely the wins over Sunderland & Arsenal, also Shearer breaking the record. Personally I'd also point to N'Zogbia's equalizer v. Fulham because I was in the stands cheering! :)

What was the lowest point?

To be honest, up until Roeder took over it seemed like every other week there was a low point... Owen's injury, Taylor's injury, the losses to Man United & Liverpool, getting knocked out of the FA Cup, getting knocked out of the League cup. Shearer's knee injury... Lots of low points... Couldn't pick just one.

Which game gave you the most satisfaction?

I say the win over Sunderland, I listened to it online, it was fabulous, but beating Chelsea on the final day and clinching 7th was also very satisfying... Losing that match would have been super depressing...

Which game depressed you the most?

Well I was watching the match v Man City in the pub and it WAS depressing. I still didn't think they'd sack Souness though. I was also very depressed when we lost to Charlton after losing to Man United and Liverpool...

How will we manage without Shearer and who would you like to see replacing him?

I think we'll manage without Shearer. Of course he was a key player, more than that, but there are other new players still with the team, Given, Parker, Nobby, Carr, with experience and leadership abilities. From a goal-scoring perspective, certainly we need to sign AT LEAST one top-notch striker, and perhaps two... I'm a fan of Robbie Keane, I think he'd be a good fit, I haven't seen Kuyt play much so I can't comment on him, I think Andy Johnson from Palace now that they won't be coming back up (got knocked out of the playoffs by Watford).

What will we do next season?

Until we see the changes made this summer, I wouldn't want to start making predictions, but assuming we can find a decent, proven goal scorer to partner Owen and that we make some other minor strengthening through the team, then I'd say we can finish 5th or 6th... I fully expect that Chelski will win the league again next year, and that Man United will again be strong. Liverpool I think are still very dependent upon Gerrard and I therefore, if he were to leave, or suffer a serious injury I can see them finishing far lower, Arsenal I think are equally dependent upon Henry, and so if he goes, I can see them struggling as well. Aside from this group of 4 I think our squad should be ahead of the rest....
Friday, May 12, 2006
  Toronto FC - The Official Site of Toronto FC - Home
Toronto FC - The Official Site of Toronto FC - Home Very EXCITING NEWS! MLSE officially announced TORONTO FC at a news conference yesterday, follow this link for all the info... Let's get behind Professional Soccer in Toronto, we've now go our OWN team to cheer for!
Sunday, May 07, 2006 - Canadian World Cup TV Schedule

Check it! ALL the Matches, Dates / times, channels!
Monday, May 01, 2006
  England's World Cup 2006 Songs
Rock and goal: Hear three England World Cup! the Daily Mail
  Manchester United - I hate your team...
This is Beauty... Thanks to Richard for sending this over...

YouTube - Manchester United

and then while you're at it, check this one out:

Rude the C*NT Van Nistelrooy celebrates in the face of an opponent after scoring a goal and gets booked, what a complete assh*le... If you ever needed a reason to hate this shmuck, there you go! HORSE FACE!
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