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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
  Esky to RSL, Cunningham to TFC
One of Toronto FC's most popular players was dealt to Real Salt Lake in exchange for last season's top scorer... Toronto FC have picked up Jeff Cunningham (see above), could be a good move... That was a quality goal he scored...
Sunday, May 13, 2007
  Toronto FC - First Goal

Enjoy the madness that was Toronto FC's first goal...

  YES! TFC get First Win!

Had an absolutely AWESOME time at the match yesterday! Toronto FC notched their first goals and got the win! Dichio is an absolute LEGEND already, can't wait to get his name & the number nine on my jersey...

The atmosphere at the match - in the supporters section anyway - is absolutely amazing... Non-stop singing, chanting, cheering, plenty of Carlsberg too!

When Dichio's goal went in, the place just went absolutely berserk! I would love to have heard it from outside the stadium, must have been incredible....

The fun didn't stop at the final whistle either, we kept singing, wandered over to visit with Bobby McMahon from Fox Sports World, then headed to the train... continued singing for the whole train ride home as well!!

Here's some press reports on the match:

ESPNsoccernet: Toronto FC 3-1 Chicago: Toronto gets first win

''It was impressive,'' Fire coach Dave Sarachan said. ''It was very passionate, very loud. ... They (the crowd) were a 12th man for that group today. It was a great atmosphere.''

Toronto Star: Toronto earns first win in franchise history

"They had to adjust when Danny left," (Mo) Johnston said. "I thought the fans again were tremendous, the atmosphere is like a cup final. Teams from the U.S. aren't going to want to come in here and play us."

Toronto Sun: Danny dandy in wild first win

"But it was the team's first red card -- for Dichio's punchup with Pickens -- that sent the 20,041 fans into a frenzy of boos and other epithets not suitable for a family newspaper. "

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